• What is a Gamebook? What is a Gamebook?

    First and foremost our Gamebooks offer a great story, which you read much like any other e-book. The exciting difference is that you’re able to choose the paths for the main character to follow.
    Your choices affect how the story unfolds, and your decisions have a significant impact on the story’s conclusion.

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  • Askaryl’s Grimoire

    Askary’s Grimoire is the first part of an epic dark fantasy saga. You take on the role of Edhan, a young barbarian on a dangerous quest to retrieve an ancient and powerful book of magic that has been stolen from his people.
    The story takes place in Hamnasya; a sprawling, living, breathing world filled with strange characters, fantastical monsters, terrifying encounters and all manner of might and magic.

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    Askaryl’s Grimoire

Publishing digital adventure Gamebooks

Read a Story

Tale part in a gripping story that sets you out on a path of discovery and adventure.

Play a Game

Have fun making choices and fight your way through the story on a quest of your own design.

Become a Hero

Your decisions have consequences, and making the right ones can be the difference between fame and glory, or death and dishonor.

You have a story to tell?

Blue Flame Publishing is interested in working with new authors. If you have an interactive story and you would like to bring it to life, visit our contact page and get in touch with us.


We want to lead the way in the revival of the interactive fiction with Blue Flame’s adventure Gamebooks range of digital reading experiences.

Olivier Gavrois – Founder Blue Flame Publishing